Who we are and how we got to be Top of the Key

Play with H.E.A.R.T.



How we got to Top of the Key

Top of the Key began in 1992. We provide year-round support for coaches, athletes, parents, schools, and youth organizations.

Our purpose is to develop the athletic, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of athletes and coaches through training, camps, clinics, certification programs, motivational speaking, and consulting.

Coach Debbie

Debbie is a multi-talented and dynamic individual. It’s her strong faith, love of the game, and commitment to young people that drives her vision at Top of the Key. She still holds several college basketball records, and she’s a Hall of Famer. Her career as an international pro enabled her to play in Europe and South America. Debbie even helped pioneer the American Basketball League and served as a general manager for the Atlanta Glory.

In addition to many years of experience as an educator and coach, Debbie consults with church sports programs and is a much sought after motivational speaker. She currently directs the basketball leagues at Clairmont Presbyterian Church (that includes 66 teams) and Haygood United Methodist Church (that hosts 92 teams) for young athletes from Pre-K to seniors in High School.

In January 2013, Debbie launched her first children’s book of the series, “Play With H.E.A.R.T.” These colorful, entertaining books focus on both character and skill development for young children. These books are ideal for inspiring and teaching boys and girls in grades K-5th.

coach debbie smiling

Coach Kaci

Trainer Kaci

Coach Kaci’s first job was at Top of the Key. Like many of the athletes who train with the organization she went from player to junior coach, to head coach, and eventually to site coordinator. Throughout her life she played AAU basketball, broke many records at her high school, and played ball at a collegiate level. During her freshman year, she attended Florida Tech and finished her pursuit of a degree at Oglethorpe University where she received a B.A. in Communication.  

As an avid reader and proficient writer she has been a freelance editor since 2013 and has utilized her degree by working in schools and nonprofits since 2012. Much of her experience has come from working in development departments where she helped companies promote their business in through communication and fundraising.

Being part of Top of the Key’s marketing and development team has been an exciting opportunity to utilize her skills and share the joy of basketball with others.

Coach Keenan

Trainer Keenan

Coach Keenan is a hardworking and persistent individual. It’s his strong work ethic and passion for the kids and the game of basketball that motivates him to give his all to Top of the Key. He is the All-Time leading scorer at his high school (The Paideia School). He was also an All-American in college while earning his degree in Exercise Science. After college, he was invited to a few NBA workouts and then ultimately took contracts overseas where he played in many different countries at an extremely high level.

Not only does Keenan play basketball at a high level he also runs the camps and training at Top of the Key. In addition, he is the founder and coach of Top of the Key’s first-ever AAU program and has coached at the high school level.

Being able to combine his passions is what makes working at Top of the Key so special for Keenan. Playing professional basketball was an amazing experience, but being able to help others achieve their dreams has been an honor.

Top of the Key Team

How we vet our coaches

We’re committed to creating a friendly, safe, and uplifting environment for our students. That starts with our coaches.
To make sure that Top of The Key coaches are “top shelf” quality, we vet them during the hiring process, to make sure they are the role-models we’d want our own kids to hang around and learn from.

It doesn’t end there. Our founder Debbie Miller-Palmore compiled over 20 years of proven techniques and experience to create her coach training resources. In order to bring out the best in young athletes our coaches are required to complete those resources. If you want in on one of the greatest secrets to our long-term success as company. Sign up for all of our online courses.

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