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I hereby waive and release the host facility, Top of the Key and all employees and volunteers from damages and injuries to my person, child and/or property, which may be suffered by me, arising from my travels to or from the lessons, camps, clinics and/or participation in any Top of the Key event.  I agree to adhere to all of the Covid 19 guidelines set forth by the state and the host facility.  I hereby agree that the photographs, video recordings, newspaper, television or radio interviews of myself or my child may be used in the promotion of, and for the purposes of Top of the Key without any compensation to me whatsoever. I also assert that my child is in good health, and has been cleared by a doctor to participate in rigorous physical activity.


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What Covid-19 precautions are in place for camps and training?

We will be abiding by the guidelines recommended by the state and local authorities, the CDC, Bright
from the Start, and Presbyterian Church. They will be posted on site when you check in. 1. All students must be registered and sign a waiver. 2. Temperatures are taken at the door. 3. Hands sanitized, and all equipment must be cleaned after every use. 4. One coach/one player/one goal (except siblings and pre-approved partners). 5. Everyone must enter from the lower gym level. 6. Parents must wear a mask. 7. No restroom use (except for emergencies). 8. No water fountain use (bring you own water bottles).

Do you provide food at the camps?

No we do not. To avoid any allergies, each student must provide their own lunch, snack and water

Why is there a 90 day commitment for training?

There is a 90 day commitment because we only want to work with students who are serious about improving. We also believe we can produce visible results in that minimum time period.

If I am a returning student, do I have to commit to 90 days again?

Returning students can come in and out of the program as often as they like provided space is available.

What is the relationship between Top of the Key and AAU, Recreational and Church leagues?

Top of the Key is the training arm of many programs. We provide courses, clinics, evaluations, support and resources for youth and school programs.

Do you have any competitive teams?

Not at the moment. We are considering adding this option in the near future.

How can I get Olympian Debbie Miller or Top of the Key coaches to come and help me with my team, host a clinic or speak at my school, church or event?

Simply send an email request to

How can I get the Top of the Key tax I.D. # for tax purposes?

Send an email to stating the student’s name, dates attended and amount
spent. We will respond with the tax I.D. # and/or a formal receipt if needed.

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1994 Clairmont Rd. Decatur, GA 30033

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